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Services and Prices

Information and reservations only by mail

Room rates for two people vary from 1900 Dh to 5720 Dh (170 € to 520 €)


Dear Guests,

 It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to Palais Rhoul. 

The hotel is built on a rocky promontory with its own private and direct access to the lagoon, indulging you with spectacular desert views while the water laps at your feet. We offer you an opportunity to discover a sojourn centred on sport

and well-being as well as unparalleled spa treatments.

The Palais Rhoul is a destination in itself, a place in constant motion as the natural spectacle of the lagoon

and desert evolves with each hour of the day…



Every room and suite overlooks the lagoon and each have not only their own unique character but are also complimented

with either a large or small terrace, free Wi-Fi, large bed, flat-screen TV with video library.

In the suites, there is a possibility of an additional bed and breakfast for a child under the age of 12 at an extra cost of 500 Dirhams per day.

Room prices include a Moroccan breakfast which is served between 0800 and 1000.

Unfortunately breakfast cannot be served for an airport departure before these hours.


Check-out is until 1200 and check-in is from 1500.


Our 2 restaurants look directly out over the lagoon.  Lunch is served around the pool and is a seafood speciality of lobsters, oysters, fresh fish etc.  Evening meals are à la carte Oriental Fusion cuisine made with local ingredients.  We also offer half board Bio which is made according to your choice of what is available at the market and our catch from fishing trips – the cost is 300 Dirhams per day excluding drinks and lobster is extra.

We offer only seasonal fruit and vegetables as we like to source our produce locally and responsibly, while avoiding imported or mass-produced products.  Our fresh produce is purchased by the chef direct from the farm or the nearby greenhouses.  Live lobsters are roasted and any fish served will have just been delivered from that nights catch.  We receive our oysters directly from the local oyster farmer only a few hours before your meal.

Our Spa (www.spadakhla.com) offers the most exclusive treatments and massages in Dakhla with Laotien or Chi Ney Tsang massage, traditional Moroccan Hamman, a small private beach and a luxurious outdoor heated swimming pool.


We also have several boats for our exclusive excursions and various water activities.


For Spearfishing (of which a basic level is required and will be evaluated by your instructor) we provide the option of a “shorty” wetsuit of 3/4mm.  At a depth of around 3 meters you can hunt for lobster and then enjoy it grilled over charcoals on a white sandy beach nearby.

Please don’t hesitate to visit our YouTube channel which has videos of this excursion in the lagoon.

For Kitesurfing/Windsurfing/Surfing we offer lots of options according to your level, the season, wind and tide conditions. 

On occasion our clients choose a bespoke service of being accompanied with an experienced instructor for a downwind launched from our support boat.  Upon your arrival, you will be welcomed by one of our managers who will arrange with you a complete program for the duration of your stay.  For independent riders, we have a free shuttle service to take you to the different spots for kiting and surfing. 

It’s also possible to leave your equipment in secure locker – only the best will do!

Our excursions are reserved exclusively for our clients and do not require advanced reservation.

Live an unforgettable moment…

Le Palais Rhoul Dakhla

certified "High Environmental Quality"

Our commitment to the environment

Dakhla is a unique desert based city in the middle of nowhere and seemingly at the end of the world.  I

ts ecosystem is both unique and fragile and for this reason we consider that the services we provide at Palais Rhoul should neither waste precious resources or create an overproduction of pollution.  Therefore, we commissioned an impact study

from an international firm in order to draw up an environmental charter.

The charter is mainly based on the promotion of preserving of this exceptional area through water and energy saving facilities, as well as developing a more sustainable purchasing policy which favours the respectful economic development

of our beautiful southern province.  The charter specifies the actions and measures needed to be taken

to be able to move towards more responsible behaviour.  It also describes a few simple gestures

which will help you to embrace our philosophe during your stay.

Already many benefits measure these actions undertaken, the alliance of the service and the respect of the environment is permanently inscribed for your comfort and for our future generations.

  • We save water by having regulators on our taps

  • We reclaim pool water after our natural filtration process for cleaning our various outdoor areas

  • We process 80% of our wastewater through a natural overflow system

  • We opted for an ecological pool filtration system; UV lamps that reduce the use of chemicals by 90%

  • We promote the preservation of wildlife through our continuous engagement with the League for the Protection of Local Species

  • We only take what we will immediately consume while on fishing and spearfishing trips

  • We scrupulously respect the fishing seasons

  • We do not use pesticides.     

  • We install low energy consumption light bulbs and have a digital energy management system that optimises and reduces our consumption

  • We prefer eco-friendly cleaning products

  • We have processes in place to promote health and safety

  • We only choose suppliers that respect the environment

  • We prefer to source our hospitality products from the local region

  • We value local products for our gastronomy

  • We offer food products from organic and responsible agriculture.  Over time we hope to expand the range we offer depending on the development of these productions.

With these simple actions, you can help with persevering precious resources

  • Unplug your charging devices when they are not in use

  • Don’t leave tap water running unnecessarily

  • Refresh your bath towels and pool towels with moderation

  • Only put toilet paper down the toilet

  • Air conditioning is not always necessary due to the natural climate of Dakhla.  Where it is in use please ensure windows and doors remain closed

  • Lights should be turned off before leaving the room

Particular importance is given to selective sorting of waste:  plastic, glass, batteries, oils and food are collected separately.

  • Instead of throwing out plastic bottles it is better to use reusable water bottles

  • Please deposit used batteries in the main living room

  • During Nordic walking or bivouacs please use a small rubbish bag or a pocket ashtray

  • Any medication or hazardous waste must be disposed of properly – please give them to us to do so




Hotel Spa Le Palais Rhoul *****

certifié "Haute Qualité Environnementale"

Notre engagement pour l'environnement

 Dakhla est une exception environnementale, une ville face au désert, au milieu de nulle part.

Son eco-systeme est unique et fragile. Au Palais Rhoul & Spa nous considérons que nos prestations ne doivent générer

ni gaspillage de ressources précieuses, ni surproduction de pollutions.

Ainsi, après avoir commandé une étude d'impact auprès d'un cabinet international nous avons élaboré une charte environnementale.

Celle-ci repose principalement sur la préservation de ce site exceptionnel, les aménagements pour économiser l’eau et l’énergie,

ainsi que sur notre politique d’achats respectueuse favorisant le développement économique de notre belle province du Sud.

Cette charte précise les actions menées et les mesures prises pour tendre vers un comportement encore plus responsable.

Elle décrit également les quelques gestes simples qui permettent de vous associer à notre démarche pendant votre séjour.

Déjà de nombreux bénéfices mesurent ces actions engagées, l’alliance du service et du respect de l’environnement

s’inscrit durablement pour votre confort et pour nos générations futures. 

  • Nous économisons l’eau avec notamment des régulateurs sur les robinets.

  • Nous récupérons les eaux de la piscine, après filtration naturelle, pour le nettoyage de nos différents espaces extérieurs.

  • Nous traitons par un système naturel de nappe à débordement 80 % de nos eaux usées.

  • Nous avons opté pour un système de filtration de piscine écologique; des lampes UV qui diminue de 90% le recours à un produit chimique.

  • Nous préservons la faune et poursuivons notre engagement avec la Ligue pour la Protection des espèces locales.

  • Nous prélevons lors de nos sorties en pêche ou en chasse sous marine, uniquement ce que nous allons immédiatement consommer.

  • Nous respectons scrupuleusement les repos biologiques.

  • Nous n’utilisons pas de pesticides.

  • Nous installons des ampoules électriques basse consommation et avons une système de gestion numérique qui optimise et réduit notre consommation.

  • Nous préférons les produits d’entretien éco-labellisés pour la lingerie.

  • Nous instaurons des processus de contrôles pour la sécurité des personnes, la veille sanitaire et alimentaire.

  • Nous choisissons nos fournisseurs parmi ceux respectueux de leur environnement.

  • Nous préférons les produits d’accueil régionaux.

  • Nous valorisons les produits gastronomiques locaux.

  • Nous proposons des produits alimentaires issus de l’agriculture biologique et responsable. Au fil du temps nous élargirons notre gamme en fonction du développement de ces productions.

Par ces quelques gestes simples vous contribuez à ne pas gaspiller ces ressources précieuses

  • En débranchant vos chargeurs s'ils ne sont pas reliés à un appareil en charge.

  • En ne laissant pas couler inutilement l'eau du robinet.

  • En renouvelant raisonnablement votre linge de toilette et vos serviettes de piscine.

  • En ne jetant rien d'autre que du papier toilette dans les WC.

  • La climatisation n'est pas systématiquement présente, la température à Dakhla ne la rend pas indispensable. Quand elle est installée et que vous la mettez en fonction, les fenêtres et baies vitrées doivent rester fermées, il convient d'éteindre les lumières avant de sortir.

Une importance particulière est donnée au tri sélectif au Palais Rhoul Spa & Spa : carton, plastique, verre, piles, huiles et déchets alimentaires sont collectés séparément.

  • Plutôt que de jeter des bouteilles en plastique n'oubliez pas qu'il est préférable d'utiliser des gourdes.

  • Déposez vos piles usagées dans le salon principal.

  • En marche nordique ou en bivouac pensez au petit sac poubelle ou au cendrier de poche.

  • Vos médicaments et déchets à risque doivent être traités par des filières adéquates, remettez les nous.